Product Design and Pitch for iBeacon system to recommend healthy meals at company cafe

Project Description

Cafe Coach, one of Zipongo’s features, provides personalized recommendations of what meals the user should eat at the company’s cafe. It has extremely high usage, and users love it. (“I read it every day!”)

When Apple announced iBeacon support in iOS7, I realized that we could use its location detection functionality to automatically display the recommendations to users! I wrote requirements for how the app should respond to iBeacons, created wireframes for the UI, and iterated with our outsourced developer team.

Skills Used

  • Interaction design
  • Wireframing
  • Product Management


The project centered around an iBeacon transmitter, placed inside a cafe, like so:
A single iBeacon transmitter with a user standing outside the field.

Then when a user walked close to the beacon, our app would wake up:
The Zipongo app is woken up when the user enters the iBeacon field, and sends a local push notification.

And send a local push notification with two recommended meals:
An example notification on iOS, with a recommended entree and side.An example notification on Android.

If the user opened the notification, they would see the full set of personalized recommendations for that cafe:
The full recommendations for the current cafe. The full recommendations for the current cafe.

Cafes could have multiple Beacons mounted within them (see the lower left), which would not interfere:
Multiple users can enter the iBeacon field at the same time.

Finally, all recommendations were personalized to an individual’s diet, allergies/restrictions, and even preferences. (In this case, shown by uniquely coloring each icon.)
Different users receive different, personalized recommendations (indicated by the different colors).