I make your product easy to use!

What I do:
  • Improve your product to support + excite users
  • Understand why you’re creating each feature
  • Help you deeply understand users’ needs
  • Deploy analytics to observe actual behavior
  • A/B test to validate designs
  • Add data visualizations so users grasp complex info
Clients have said:
The launch is going pretty well […] The most obvious gain is invites to friends. Normally, we get 1 every other day. Today, it’s 12.
(emphasis mine)
Powerful mix of thoughtful product investigation, design, and development. Great presentation abilities.
Understand users’ thoughts & needs — User Research
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What are your users’ needs and goals? What do they really need your product to do? Clients often don’t know. I’ll help you understand exactly what they need, not just what they say they want — because it’s rarely the same. I’ll also help you prioritize those needs and design solutions!

Streamlining an overwhelming app then getting funding — User Experience Design
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A client once was struggling to raise funding — because people said their product was too hard to use! They brought me in to redesign it, and quickly raised a round of funding.

User Research — other research to understand users’ thoughts & needs

Where do your users get confused and stuck? More importantly why are they confused — and how do you fix it? I’ll tell you!